What is coaching?

The prime goal of the coaching process is to raise awareness and to liberate our potential while building a loving relationship with ourselves.

Coaching can be useful whenever someone feels stuck, has some hard decisions to make or faces seemingly unsolvable problems. It can help in achieving a healthy work-life balance, managing stress, boosting self-confidence, finding what you are passionate about, choosing the right carrier path, etc.


It is important to understand that a coach does not solve your problems. They do something much better: help you to solve them for yourself. They won’t push you up the mountain but will walk up with you. They will have your back when you trip, will help to find the chocolate in your backpack when you feel tired,  and when you finally reach the hilltop, they will throw you a great party up there.

‘Some people don’t believe in themselves, until someone else believes in them first’ says the psychiatrist portrayed by Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting. In my opinion this is exactly what coaching is about: I believe in my clients from the very beginning of our collaboration and I offer a safe, supportive and inspiring place where new thoughts can be nurtured and ideas can easily arise.


We talk. About and for you.

In line with each of my client’s personality and goals I like to combine our conversations with creative exercises and games. These can help a lot in raising awareness and in finding the way to our inner child – enabling us to find our way to genuine happiness and freedom.


The first session is gratis. The aim of this conversation is to get to know each other a bit and if you have any questions that is the time to raise them.

Life Coaching (60 minutes) – 8,000 HUF

Business Coaching (60 minutes) – 15,000 HUF

Basic Life Coaching Package (6×60 minutes) – 42,000 HUF

Basic Business Coaching Package (6×60 minutes) – 80,000 HUF

Premium Life Coaching Package (10×60 minutes) – 70,000 HUF

Premium Business Coaching Package (10×60 minutes) – 130,000 HUF


My office is in Budapest’s first district, but we can also agree on other locations.


2016 – Aegon Insurance Company (Business Coaching)

2016 – IBM (Business Coaching)

2015 – Private clients (Life Coaching)