Who is this blog for?

For those who don’t feel like hiring a life coach (yet) but are interested in topics such as self-confidence, joy, simplicity, creative energy (a.k.a. flow), stress management, passion and work-life balance.

And of course it’s also for my clients who can use this blog as some sort of supplement to our conversations.


I don’t know who is going to read my posts (if anybody) but if I was to picture my audience I would say they

  • are open-minded
  • want to bring about change
  • are ready to get to know themselves better
  • are willing to give me honest feedback as they understand that their opinion is very important to me.

Why ‘SuccessUnicorn‘?

Because we all want to be successful  no  matter what success means for us: having a secure well-paid job, writing a book, meeting our soulmate, having a smokin’ hot body or traveling all  around to world. It doesn’t matter what you wish for, what matters is that you should get there. Unless you wish to be the ruler of the world surrounded by slaves, ’cause in that case it’s probably better if you don’t get there. Not judging, just saying.


Ok, I get the ‘success’ part, but what is this ‘unicorn’ thing?

The unicorn is one of the coolest mythological creatures: it’s unique, it’s kind, it’s ok with itself and with others. Everyone loves to be around unicorns (even Lord Voldemort, though he has pretty unconventional reasons).

We all have something — or more like some things — that make us unique. It can be anything: being good with numbers, keeping track of all the Game of Thrones’ characters and who they want to see dead, making amazing pancakes, or being interested in medieval Finnish poetry. I believe that we shall find and nurture our uniqueness in order to become as balanced and happy as a unicorn — even if our hair is never gonna be that shiny.

Not letting the expectations and judgment of others control  you but deciding for yourself who you want to be, what you want to do and then doing that — In my opinion this is the key to real success and happiness.


(As you can see, this is a bilingual blog, so you can read all the posts in English and in Hungarian.)